Travelling Massage Therapist Project

Holiday exchange program. The points of program during workshops, performances and teaching in your country:

Traveling Massage Therapist  Project Piotr Szczotka .jpg.

a) Integrating Body Work Massage – therapeutic and relaxation massage in psychosomatic revitalization.

b) Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage: cellulite therapy, body shaping massage, working with beauty and body grace.

c) Emotional Face Massage, relaxing and lifting massage, diagnostical support in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

d) Massage and soft tissue work in health-aesthetic  challenges. General information and basic workshop during: meeting, events, conferences, workshops for SPA, cabinets, schools.

Therapy, diagnostic and preparation to many intervention during aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery like: liposuction, muscles and body shaping – abdominoplasty, breast correction (lift or augmentation), face lift, etc.

Supplementary information about:

Massage application in psychosomatic revitalisation, Integrating Body Work Massage, Piotr Szczotka concept: deep, long-lasting stress, trauma with mixed of the origines, aversion of touch, problem with self acceptance, etc.

Health-aesthetic problems: massage application during: peelings, botulinum toxin therapy and feelers. Cellulite therapy PEFS (paniculopatia – edemato-fibrosclerotica or degeneration caused by stasis meaning cellulite), author’s concepts by Piotr Szczotka massage therapist. Integrating Body Work Massage Piotr Szczotka concept
Integrating Body Work Massage Piotr Szczotka concept

Invitation to cooperation, workshop organization or exchange of our professional experiences.

Piotr Szczotka: massage therapist, bodyworker, the author of books and many articles, publisher, health, massage and bodywork stream promotor. Workshop in English, also for visually impairead therapist.

More information and contact:

In the end of this movie, information with English subtitles.


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