Massage aplication after plastic surgery. Part I

Question about practice and training for massage after plastic surgery. Answer from correspondence question. In connection with your question:

1. We use specialized massage not only in sense of plastic surgery as cosmetic, but reconstructive too. So do not just apply to massage and work with soft tissue after face lift, liposuction and abdominal plasty. Massage is also used for treating scars after burns, trauma, fibrosis, this also applies to breast reconstruction or after mastectomy.

Treatments on the face is a separate issue: the cases, facial reconstruction, post-transplant skin, some dental interventions.

Massage or its components can be used not only after surgery but also before.
As an aid in the palpable diagnosis.
However, these are procedures performed for medical indications, your doctor shall decide.
Presoterapia sometimes helps in the treatment, it is thrue. Massage equipment, cuffs, sometimes taping.

But most helpful is a specialized manual massage, a combination of connective tissue massage, fascial release, lymphatic drainage Manual. Of course, not within one session!

As to the question of breast massage after angioplasty, part of the massage is used more as a self massage.
And also there are differences in procedures due to the country where such treatments have been made.

Personally, I often work with scars, burns, transplants, but also in the second period after liposuction revitalization.

Summing up, the surgeon should write guidelines for the type of massage. It’s not just a recommendation and clinical indications.

As regards the article, actually I wrote once, but it was rather a demonstrative, a brief article, just some suggestions:

Click to access Applying_massage_to_Aesthetic_Medicine_and_Plastic_surgery.pdf

Article from Jurnal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapist

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