Why this way? Part III

Integrating Body Work Massage Piotr Szczotka concept.

In this regard, for several years, I try to share these experiences promoting among others IMBW, the Integrative Massage Body Work, as a relaxing and therapeutic massage, deep relaxation, body work, with elements of therapeutic massage. Focusing on tension, pain and other symptoms of psychosomatic origin.

I bear in mind work with soft tissues, as well as subjective, subtle patient’s reactions not only to a massage, but also to touch itself. Furthermore. I promote in my concept and development of: EF, Emotional Face and  DMA – Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage used also in the modeling of problem areas.

Nowadays in many methods breathing and other psycho-physical aspects are taken into account especially dealing with mixed injuries. IMBW session has many noted, diagnostic values, especially when the client who comes to the treatment doesn’t really know what to expect from the massage or body work.

touch and space by Piotr Szczotka

Trauma of mixed origin, both physical and mental is a difficult challenge for a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist and also for therapist masseur. While working with other measures, our targets meet somewhere in the middle. Let such therapeutic, interdisciplinary cooperation be as much as possible.

We’re talking about relaxation and anti-stress treatments, psychosomatic aspects of therapy, but can we rate which side of the injury and treatment is more difficult?

Article Excerpts are from the book: „Professional Practice. Massage, clinic and a passion of life „- by Piotr Szczotka. The publication is available in Polish.

Available training, workshops or courses on topics:

Integrated Body Work Massage – relaxation and therapeutic method. Stress, trauma, pressure and other psychosomatic ailments in soft tissue. Working on allegedcontractures, fibrosises, etc.

Building the private zone round the patient with mixed psychical and physical trauma. Emotional face.

Training courses about different thematic:

Massage and work with soft tissue with health and aesthetic problems:

Scars after burns, injuries, massage treatment after reconstructive and plastic surgeries.

Dynamic anti cellulite massage and modeling in problem areas.

Training available in Poland and abroad, also for visually impaired and blind therapists.