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Piotr Szczotka during conference

Piotr Szczotka qualified massage therapist

health promoter, journalist, publisher and massage teacher.

Hello! My name is Piotr Szczotka.

I am a qualified massage therapist, health promoter, publisher and massage teacher with over 20 years of experience in various methods of professional massage and bodywork stream.

 I have well prospering private practice. I lead sporadically training, courses, workshops, lectures and also performance at conferences, also I publish articles and books.

1. I am seeking a supportive, international team environment with real new challenges.
2. However I wish to find a way to effective exchange of our experiences, with massage therapists, bodyworkers, beauty therapist, Spa workers, in other countries through leading co-operation workshop.
3. Exchange of experiences with my concept of Integrating Body Work Massage (massage and bodywork in psychosomatic revitalisation) and Dynamic Anticellulite Massage (massage in health-aesthetic problems).

4. I would like to visite your country, but I want to invite You to my. To share the knowledge and experiences to flow from my country and yours.

Through several years, I have led the Bodywork Institute Szczotka & Mikuła, the massage practice and training courses.
I give lectures at: medical, massage, physiotherapy, physician, and spa congresses. I co-organise many conferences and I put lots of energy to the exchange professional experiences in Poland and Worldwide.

I promote first of all professional massage and related method in the internet, on open meetings, in the television, also during workshops and trainings.

My personal and work experience, helped me also better understand therapists with eyesight imperfection. For that reason, I am interested in co-operation with therapist and teacher, but also with disabled therapists, massage therapist with visual problems, etc. If you would like to exchange knowledge and experiences please get in touch.

I would also appreciate, if you could forward this message to others who might beinterested in any way of co-operation organize to performance or workshops.

Kind regards,
Piotr Szczotka.


You will find several information in English in the second part of this film:


Work Experience

First work in Orthopedic Institute at State-Clinical Teaching Hospital in Poznań, 1989-1992.

During years 1994 – 2002, employment in sports-club, sanatorium, specialistic clinic and cooperation with Spa. 1995 – Present: collaterally Massage Therapist (self-employed) in private practice.

In years 1993-95 worked out a method of massage and author training:
Integrating Body Work Massage Piotr Szczotka conception. IMBW relaxing therapeutic conception not only as anti-stress massage in Spa style, but also as application in psychosomatic revitalization, trauma, PSTD, depression, problem with aversion of touch, etc.

In 2000 first training of Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage for massage therapist, physiotherapist  and cosmetologist co-working with physician specialist in aesthetic medicine. From 2002 training program: “clinical application of professional massage in reconstructive and plastic surgery”.

In years 1998, 2002, 2004 co-organizer of the first Educational Fair of Massage. In the previous years the board of Masseur Associations in Poland. Founder of  I and II Bodywork Conference.

Author of the books / polish edition: 
1.”Modern Massage – therapy, prophylaxis, relaxation”.
2. “Integrating Massage Bodywork – massage in biological and psychosomatic revitalizations”.
3.”Face massage in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery”.
4. “Dynamic Anti-cellulit Massage – massage in cellulite therapy and body shaping”.
5. “Professional practice. Massage office and passion of life. Polish editions.

1. Medical Professional College (two years school program) Department of Therapeutic Massage (for Visually Impaired) in Kraków – syllabus 2500 h. in 1989.
2. Health Enrichment Center, the Sandy Fritz School of Therapeutic Massage MI, USA – syllabus 1000 hours. Instruction incorporating. In 1993.
3. Polish College of Theology and Humanities, Health Promotion bachelor of art in 2010.

Additional certifications 
Face Lifting of Rosenberg Technique
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Training in Stanley Rosenberg Institute
Stanley Rosenberg Institute – Connective Tissue release.
Stanley Rosenberg Institute – Rosenberg Fascial Massage
Stanley Rosenberg Institute – Focus on fascia by Robert Schleip.

Corso di Drenaggio Linfatico Manuale by R. Bartoletii.                                                                                                     
Training face lifting 3 D
 by dr Hidemi Morimasa.                                                                                                                                                          
Fascial release for structural balanse series
: The spine by Thomas Myers.

The activity during congresses, presentations, trade fair, performances

The channel on webpage youtube:

Information in English:

Piotr Szczotka – additional activities in the previous years:

– Presentation of Integrating Massage Body Work during international symposium Active 2000 of the European Association of the visually impaired massage therapist.
– Co-organizer of Educational Fair: – Modern Massage – therapy, prophylaxis in Kraków.
– Participation in a scientific meeting of Psychosomatic Institute in Warsaw with the presentation of Integrating Massage Body Work for physicians.
– Articles on massage written for patients and articles for the press.
– Active presentations and performance of Integrating Massage Body Work on therapy, massage therapy, medical conferences and cosmetic fairs.
– Active participation in the 4th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Warszawa, subject: clinical aplication of massage in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.
– Active participation in the 5th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Warszawa, subject: application of massage in cellulite therapy. Application of massage during botulinum toxin.

– Active participation in the International Congress of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Polanica Zdrój, Poland subject: application of massage in plastic surgery and cellulite therapy.
– Elaboration of the educational programme: massage in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery within the co-operation with specialists of aesthetic medicine. The Postgraduate School of the Aesthetical Medicine for physicians In Warszawa.
– 2003 project to open the Massage Education Program – Specialization of Aesthetic Medicine under the patronage of Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine – of Polish Physician Society.
– Co-operation with classified professional magazine as author of articles. Drafting of information forum: Massage. Presentation at meetings of cosmetic firms, spas, clinics, etc.
– Massage presentations in schools and clubs.
– Interviews on TV, Internet, magazines as professional massage and body work promoters.
– A drama performance „Touch Music Movement” presenting different forms of working with a body – from the expression point of view.

With regards
Piotr Szczotka 


My contact:



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