Professional massage, soft tissue work in health-aesthetic problems

Declarations of the customers coming to massage offices are simple, pragmatic. There want to be more slim, more shapely, to decrease Cellulite. So most often declare their own expectations, but whether a main problem is exactly cellulite? Perhaps it is a local accumulation of the adipose tissue? Maybe pseudo cellulite or real overweight? The flaccidity of the skin whether perhaps swellings? And, if we can see additional problems with weak blood vessels or fibrosis? Every form of mentioned problems can coexist with other, however they demand diagnostics, settlements of priorities in the therapy and differentiations of the treatments.

In cellulite changes, one of basic methods practical both in the diagnostics and the treatment with the confirmed effectivity is massage. It is also refer to prophylaxis, because cellulite changes have the progressive character. So we not only attend it, but we hold back this changes.

Universally we call cellulite as aesthetical defect or popularly „an effect of the orange peel”, this are however distant qualifications from the medical knowledge. There also arouse many controversies. Cellulite changes are defined as a health-aesthetical progressive problem. One of the proper medical term of cellulit- (PEFS) the term proposed by physicians, specialists in a esthetic Medicine, especially in european literature, means paniculopatia-edema-fibro-sclerotica).

So we should think about cellulite like a bout illness with progressive character. This is not only aesthetic problem appearances without reasons. Is it, so?

Originally we can see changes like a micro-edema, but cureless it. Cause secondary changes in the subcutaneous tissue in the form like a fibrosis, later indurations and even painful nodes. It does not mean that every woman with cellulite has so far developed changes, but for example sudden occurring changes in the skin condition can be result of other ailments.

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