Holiday exchange program, performances and teaching:

Dear Massage Therapist!

My name is Piotr Szczotka, I am massage therapist and massage instructor. In my practice, I use different methods of massage, and also I lead and organize performances, instruction session and workshops / course of two author’s massage concepts: Integrating Body Work Massage and Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage.

For several years I have specialized in therapeutic methods of massage in psychosomatic revitalization, relaxation – practical in problems with stress. Also I have specialized in massage applied in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery as diagnostic and revitalize method.

As result of corporation with physicians specialize in aesthetic medicine and reconstractive, plastic surgery, currently I lead a workshop of: massage in aesthetic medicine and plastic, reconstructive surgery.

Part of this program is called Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage, practical in aesthetic medicine, for example as a diagnostic and therapeutic method.

Workshops and courses available in Poland and in your countries: Integrating Body Work Massage, Emotional Face and Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage. Massage and sot tissue work in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Currently we work on – project of traveling massage teacher – with possibility to perform massage methods in another country. In the connection of corporation program with Massage Association, Massage School or private person, I would like to invited You also to our country to start and participate in:

Holiday exchange program. The points of my program, performances and teaching:

a) Integrating Body Work Massage – therapeutic and relaxation massage in psychosomatic revitalization.
b) Dynamic Anti-cellulite Massage: cellulite therapy, body shaping massage, working with beauty and body grace.
c) Emotional Face Massage, relaxing massage and diagnostical support in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.
d) Massage and sot tissue work in health-aesthetic problems. Therapy, diagnostic and preparation to many intervention during aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery like: liposuction, muscles and body shaping – abdominoplasty, breast correction (lift or augmentation), face lift.
Supplementary information about: massage application during: peelings, botulinum toxin therapy and feelers. Cellulite therapy PEFS (paniculopatia – edemato-fibrosclerotica or degeneration caused by stasis meaning cellulite), author’s concepts by Piotr Szczotka massage therapis.


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